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Prove identities in minutes.
Authenticate transactions in seconds.

Use a straightforward, easy-to-use mobile app to verify your clients’ identities. It takes less than three minutes to enroll.

Your clients can use our identity validation app to validate transactions whenever and wherever they want once they’ve registered.

01 - Enroll

Customers sign up for our identity validation app to verify their identity, ensuring that their accounts are secured with NIST-recommended security procedures while also satisfying Know Your Customer (KYC) standards.

02 - Authenticate

To acquire access, the user must quickly scan their face and one palm using the identity validation app. To make sure the data matches, these scans are compared to the already enrolled biometrics. Simple, uncomplicated MFA with biometric support.

Know exactly who is on your system at all times.

This patented four-step method guarantees that everyone you enroll, whether they are a new client, employee, or supplier, can safely access company systems at any time.

Complete Proven Identity Solution

Our comprehensive solution makes it effortless to onboard new employees or customers by verifying their identity and facilitating passwordless biometric authentication through our app, no matter where they are.
  • Simple, Remote Enrollment

    Our step-by-step app enrollment process makes it simple for users to authenticate themselves remotely. Users follow simple instructions, such as centering their face in front of the camera or scanning a piece of official identification. The entire process can be done remotely in about three minutes, which is ideal for our increasingly distant work environment.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

    Using identity validation software, you can equip your whole staff with biometrics for a multi-factor authentication flow that will increase their cybersecurity posture. Once signed up, your users authorize access using a selfie and palm image, which is akin to FaceID or FaceID. These easy procedures check several authentication elements, ensuring the highest level of security with the least amount of hassle.

  • Industry Leading Security

    NIST IAL2 requirements are met by our identity validation software. Businesses have the option to use the more reliable NIST IAL3 standard, which involves a live call with the enrollee during verification. We have had the biometric data that is captured into tokens that cannot be reverse engineered and put all the information in an encrypted database. Your data is safe, and it can't be exchanged, sold, or used for analysis; the only method to access someone else's data is to be the one making the access request.

  • Rapid Onboarding and Use

    As soon as you begin using our identity validation app, you will be given a personal account manager who will be your direct point of contact for a speedy onboarding process and continuing expert support. The time it takes for your users to sign up for the identity validation platform is less than three minutes, and subsequent authentications only take a few seconds.

  • White Glove Service

    The highest level of customer service is provided to our clients and consumers. We provide specialized account managers to ensure easy integration with our tried-and-true identity solution and ongoing support. Our live advisers assess every new customer being onboarded and offer the best support possible. We are here to make sure that your clients are satisfied with the service, and if you ever have a query, we are prepared to respond.

  • Device Agnostic

    Using our identity validation software on any smartphone, users can enroll, verify their identities, and authenticate themselves. The only person to whom your Proven Identity is ever attached is you.

  • Out of Band Authentication

    We never save any information about you directly to your device during our verification procedure because it is fully Out of Band. You can authenticate anywhere and with any device thanks to the fact that all stored data is kept off of the device, giving you a completely cloud-based login experience.

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